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I just read
"THE SECRET" by Rhonda Byrne
"The SEAT of the SOUL" by Gary Zukav

Both, books are about everything you are talking about here.
Negative begats Negative and Positive begats Positive.
"INTENT" was a big issue in both books.
and, I've, always, realized throughout my whole life that most people around you do not want you to succeed or be happy; unless, they can have that opportunity for themselves as well. Me included.

I just left a job of 8 years, where I was so unhappy and burnedout. And, I know that most of my fellow employees felt the same way. Yet, we all kept coming back for more of it, because, of fear I believe. AND, each time someone did leave our group and go elsewhere; you could sense the resentment and negative feelings people had toward that person for leaving them and the situation the rest of us were still hanging onto.

I'm glad I read your post this morning. It helps lessen the fear of the unkown I have at the moment,because, of my decision to quit that job.



That is a great comment JD. I will check out those books. I am going through the feeling of the unknown this season too...with my living situation. We still haven't found a place to hang our hat. We should focus on 1) good intention and 2) getting back into the flow of a life that works.

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