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phil Cushway

Hi Mary,

I don't know how this comments things works. I wanted his to just go to you personally but could not find an email address to do it. (Yes, I am a Luddite and prefer pencil and paper)
Thank you so much for your review of Of Poetry & Protest. The book was originally supposed to be a high end full color over-sized coffee table book (for the front display tables in bookstores) but only Norton was interested. (I had finished totally camera ready copy complete with all separations). However, Norton did not want a coffee table book for the front of the store. They only wanted to do a black and white reduced size version for "the back of the store" [actual phrase used}. But they would allow me to do a full color coffee table book with...restrictions. The book could not be sold for less than $125 and cannot be sold in bookstores. I offered to pay them the full retail cost ($21.50) for every book sold at a bookstore. No dice. However, we are going to try and publish the high end version this fall. It will be challenging.

Mary McCray

Phil you are right! My email is hidden under the text of my copyright line. I will fix that today! But you can email me privately at mary@bigbangpoetry.com. Thank you for the thank you! Your book is a pretty stunning statement even as it is. The layout, photography and artwork, research on the poets. Congratulations!

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